Top Five Bad Credit Fixes

There are five ways to fix your bad credit. While some people may not be aware of them, this method is nothing new and has been around for some time. The following is a list of the Top 5 ways to fix bad credit you:

Make payments on time
Credit enhancement
Select credit card 1 to focus.
Select 1 things you can live without.
Stop using credit.

Why you need to make credit card payments on time

There are many lenders (company Auto, mortgage and credit card) that reach your credit history before making any financial decisions on your behalf. One category that is always getting better is your payment history because it shows your creditors how to charge you by making your payment and secure them promptly. The good thing is if you have missed payments here and there that is not a big problem but if you miss a sum of several cycles in a row which is not good. It's like When you're interviewing for jobs, and they call your last employer, and they know you quite a bit of late. On the other hand, if you're late to work every two months once it will not be mentioned. The same principal to make prompt payment with your credit card.

Why you need to add credit

Your goal is to get out of debt and boost your credit grade. You can start working towards this by increasing the available credit. Amount of the credit available is what makes so many people with bad credit scores. They have been using more than 70% of available credit (example: your credit limit was $2,000, and you have $200 available). It hurts your score so much as it shows the borrower and credit card company that you don't have enough money and you have to rely on using your credit card. So, if you pay your balance and increase your existing credit, you send a message to the credit card company. Finally, your available credit increases the way 2: by paying the balance down, and the company will typically extend credit facilities you while you pay down your balance and based on how long you already have a line of credit.

Why you should choose one credit cards focus

It happens all the time; people get motivated and do drastic didn't help in the long run. Let's say you're committed to losing weight and you exercise for 2 hours 2 the first day, but on day # 3 you're sick and tired, so you stop using. This is the case by paying back the credit card. People are getting extra money instead of paying off the Cards 1 they make a payment on three credit cards. Even if they reduce the balance at them all at the end of the day, they still have three credit cards from 2 they experienced with the focus on one card at a time.

Why you should choose one thing that you can give life without

Debt is about sacrifice and not a waste of money. Some people need to follow the latest trends and position themselves continue to owe. I've been doing it well and then hit me with the iPhone Plus 6s. I bought a new iPhone after iPhone new, and then I realized that I don't have iPhone 1 that is not in the State of Mint. They can all play the same game, shows the same application and others, so I wasted money buying a new iPhone every release. I will not buy an iPhone 7!

Why you should stop using credit cards

I increased my credit score only very a few years ago (FICO score) is not using my credit card for a few months. I wrote a blog about it because it was around this time a few years ago where I see one big lump in my credit score. I've finally joined the 700 Club! Also, interest on credit cards even lower is absurd. In my situation, we complained all the time about tax on products; both credit card interest rates are higher than with fee. Finally, if you do not pay the total balance at the end of the promotion period, the balance is almost doubled.