Most Popular Degrees at University of Phoenix
The University of Phoenix is one of the most popular online University available to students today. Established in 1976, the University is the largest private University in North America with over 200 locations coupled with the existence of their degree online. It offers several popular degrees are available in the friends, Bachelor and the topics more advanced.

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With more than 400,000 students today and almost 100 degrees online, it can be extraordinary to determine the level that suits you best. If you consider enrollment in the University, it may be worthwhile to find out what other Phoenix students will learn.

Headlines at the University of Phoenix

Business Management University business schools & Phoenix, you'll learn from industry leaders about the basics and best practices in the business world. Their education includes simulation methodology, case studies and virtual organizations. Among the titles of the business's most popular business school include:

Green program
Hospitality travel &
Information system
Retail management
Sports Management

Degree Program Safety & Criminal Justice-a offer from the College of criminal justice and security provide students with in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice and Security best practices. Faculty to educate the students on the Latest digital advances and prevention strategies. The most popular online university degree at the College of criminal justice and security are:

The administration of criminal justice
Security Organization
Criminal Justice
Justice and security

Information technology-a degree from the University of Phoenix College of information systems and technology gives you more than just information technology principles. Their program goes far beyond the business of reading textbooks with immediate experience and a real-life scenario. Among the titles of the most popular offered at the University of Phoenix include:

Information system security
IT Support
Software engineering
Website design

Education – with more than 25 years of experience in education, College education has programs designed to meet the needs of prospective teachers, those who want to move to the Administration, and those interested in learning adults. Their course taught by educators and administrators and regularly updated with input from current teachers. Two of the most popular online University degrees in the College of education are:

Basic training
Special Education

College Health-The Natural Sciences offers a challenging program to help you develop critical thinking, independent, and problem-solving skills. The rooms combine the theory of new Science and traditional knowledge and to establish a sound foundation in the Natural Sciences. Two titles of the most popular at the College of natural science are:

Long-term treatment
Health Administration

Bachelor of Arts-University of Phoenix offers a master's degree programme in various fields that are designed to help you remain competitive in your career. Their degree online gives you the flexibility to continue working while pursuing your degree level and allow you to take only one class at a time if necessary. Among the most popular Masters include:

Information system
Special Education
Health Administration
Education early childhood
Basic education